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We translate more than 450,000 characters per month and is one of the largest translation services in Japanese and Thai.

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Customer attraction

In addition to our own media, we also provide a writing agency service that is strong for search engines, delivering 2.5 million characters per month.

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We have a wealth of experience in system development and construction. Our clients includes Toyota Tsusho, H.I.S, Pasona and other companies from global companies to startups.

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We support customer attraction in Thailand through localization and automation.

Since we entered Bangkok, Thailand in 2010, we have been helping to solve customer problems by making full use of the multilingual know-how cultivated in the translation business, knowledge and abundant experience in the customer acquisition business, and the technical capabilities of the development business.

In each business of translation, customer acquisition, and development, we will try to solve the problem by practicing “natural things” firmly rather than the methods and techniques, and continuing steadily like farming.


We provide multilingual services using translation, customer acquisition, and development capabilities.

Thai translation

We provide the industry's No. 1 service with high quality and low price. The quality will be checked by our Thai proofreading team.


This article creation service is strong for large-scale projects. We can deliver articles with over 2 million characters per month.

Japan list

This is a tourism media for Japan that is used by 300,000 people a month based on the theme of Japanese culture.

About Unimon

Focusing on multilingual services, we work on the problems our customers have as our own issues and solve them together.
Because we want to change our customers, society, and the next era a little bit more. We aim to provide services that are always needed.
We hire staff who can cherish the company's values, and provide services by entrusting them to work. The work style of the staff is also important, such as allowing working from home.