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Quality-oriented Thai translation service

Since 2010, we have provided support services for translation and multilingualization. We have a track record with over 1,800 customers, including government agencies in Japan and Thailand, national clients, companies listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, and Thai conglomerate groups.

Not only experienced native translators, but also staffs who specialize in Thai at the National University of Thailand are stationed to achieve high-quality Thai translation. Since Thai characters have tone marks, it is essential for high-quality services to be checked by multiple natives.

In freelance and cloud-based translation services, translators often serve as proofreaders, which increases the cost of maintaining quality. If you have any problems with Thai projects, please feel free to contact us.

Based in Bangkok

Translation and proofreading work at the office of Silom, Bangkok's largest commercial district.

Rich experience

With our ability to translate over 450,000 characters per month, we have a wide range of achievements from public offices to listed companies.

Low price and high quality

A proofreading staff specializing in Thai language is stationed to improve the quality of translation.

Characteristics of Thai language

Thai characters (Siam characters) can be divided into not only consonant and vowel characters but also tone symbols. Therefore a Thai word consists of consonant, vowel and tone. There are 42 types of consonants, 9 types of vowels, and 4 types of tone marks.

The tone includes mid, low, falling, high, and rising tone intonations, and the way they are heard is different among Thai natives, which causes blurring in the displayed characters. This is one of the causes of difficulty in translating Thai language.

Supports translation in various fields

Since the establishment of the division by receiving an order for 1,000 pages of manuals for automobiles and motorcycles in 2010, we have expanded the business domain of Thai translation to fields such as industry, patents, finance and medical care.

We have a wealth of achievements including translation such as automaker's manuals, Japan-Thailand joint venture requirements definition, airline business manuals and in-flight meals, general trading company business manuals, drug store product descriptions, major medical manufacturer's manuals, intellectual property / patents.

By pursuing expertise while repeating trial and error to improve the quality of translation, we have established a system that can provide high value-added services in each field.

Documents and formats

We are in charge of translating as a translation company, and have established a system that can flexibly respond to the industry's largest experience and highly specialized projects. Designers specializing in DTP and web design and layout are stationed to meet customer requests.

We support the translation and layout of a wide range of documents, including printed materials, paper materials, electronic books, websites, software, and public application documents. Since we specialize in design related to translation, we can deal with problems such as quality checks and delivery time.

Leave it to us for Thai translation!

Japanese staff will respond flexibly. We handle more than 450,000 characters translation per month. Please feel free to contact us.