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A better free world

We regard customer and social issues as our own challenges, and we want to make the world better and more interesting by solving the problems.

We aim to realize our philosophy by hiring human resources who can share the four values and embody them with a sense of ownership.

Four values

We value four values.
The criteria for personnel evaluation and recruitment.

Emphasis on speed

We appreciate people who can work with a sense of speed.
We value the ability to do things right away and to concentrate on what is in front of you.

Commitment to output

We appreciate people who can work with an awareness of results.
We value the ability to achieve the target by calculating backwards from the output.

Looking back at work

We are looking for people who can look back on their work and adjust the way they work.
We value reflection and value people who can set the issues.

Do what you need to do

We appreciate people who can fulfill their roles as professionals.
We value those who do not forget their ideals, have beliefs, and can do what they need to do.