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Development focused on speed

We have an abundant of development experiences in insurance business support tools, human resource management systems, and real estate property management systems. We have experience in operation of 50,000 accounts and 100,000 domains, from AWS construction and operation agency to system operation specialized for customer acquisition.

Short delivery times are achieved by using open source software and frameworks. From requirements definition to database modeling, code maintenance, refactoring, smartphone support, multilingual support, etc., we provide optimal solutions to meet customer requirements.

We are also developing and maintaining systems such as content production and translation, which are our own services, and are good at flexible development according to the requirements of management, sales and on-site. If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.

Quick delivery

Development is focused on efficiency with CakePHP / Laravel framework in Linux environment.

Rich experience

Since its founding, the company has over 50 development achievements and can handle large-scale projects.

Multilingual support

We are good at dealing with translation and localization for multiple languages such as Japanese, English, Thai and Indonesian.

Pasona Corporation

Job offer / job seeker management system

We wanted to develop a recruitment management system for job openings in line with our advance into Thailand. We were in charge of requirement definition, database modeling, system development, server construction and operation management. We have also created a responsive website, and we have localized it into three languages: Japanese, Thai and English.

The system was developed with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. Fault tolerance is enhanced by using IDC in Thailand and virtualizing servers with hypervisor software.

In order to link with the database on the Japanese side, we proceeded with development while modifying the API specifications according to the application situation. In response to customer requests, we have also developed job posting functions, news distribution functions, and Step Mail implementation.

National Institute of Information and Communication Technology

Audio recording system

We participated in a corpus project to improve speech recognition accuracy in Thai and Indonesian. Each person's native voice was recorded in Japan, Thailand and Indonesia.

It was a large-scale project to record a total of 10,000 voices over a year and a half. In Thailand / Indonesia, we have developed a project progress management system in-house because of the high level of difficulty in meeting delivery times. Since recording was done using a smartphone and there was a problem with audio quality, we also developed an additional system for analyzing audio data.

The system was developed with Linux, Apache, MySQL, Java, PHP, and a shell script. The server used the AWS Singapore region and responded by adding more instances according to the server load.

We were also in charge of creating landing pages and recruiting web ads for recruiting speakers.

Aoyama Gakuin University

Entry sheet correction management system

In order to improve the efficiency of job hunting support, we received consultation about whether we could correct entry sheets that were managed on a paper basis on the web.

In order to manage entry sheets for more than 1,000 students, we implemented security-specific specifications such as restricting access sources. In order to make it easier for the corrector to use, the system was constructed so that the sentences before and after the correction can be compared while listening to the person in charge.

The system was developed with Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. The server was developed using a hosted virtual server in Japan, automatically deploying from the development environment to the real environment.

Leave it to Thailand for system development!

Japanese staff will respond flexibly. Since we have more than 50 development achievements, so please feel free to contact us.