Effective Marketing Plan

We have achieved results in over 300 projects with over 100 companies in Japan. Please leave any SEO in the Japanese or Thai languages to us.

Unimon accumulates SEO know-how by analyzing search engine trends using the over 10,000 sites we administer in Thai, Japanese, English, etc..

As we administer such a vast number of sites, it is possible for us to respond quickly to changes as we come to see what trends lead sites to outperform others when search engines change.

SEO allows sites to target those whom are already actively searching for keywords related to the site, providing a direct link to sales and profits.

Instead of hiring a salesperson, dedicating that budget to SEO is a more efficient business move in terms of collecting and delivering high-quality prospective customers.


Service Plans Monthly Fees Backlinks Ranking Report Support
Plan A 5,000B 200 Backlinks × only by email
Plan B 15,000B 1,000 Backlinks only by email
Plan C 30,000 B 3,000 Backlinks Phone and email
Incentive Plan Ask for a quotation depend on keywords difficulty email

Our Advantage

1. Multiple achievements

We have achieved superior results with even the most difficult of keywords.

2. Multiple language support possible

It is possible to simultaneously implement SEO in Thai, Japanese and English. As we are a joint venture with a Japanese company, the Japanese market is an area of particular strength.

3. Total support

With SEO as a starting point, we can provide total support in response to customer demand, including web content creation/system development, command engines, access analysis, listing advertisements, LPO, etc..