Personnel System

Companies profit from the support offered by their clients and community. In other words, it can be said that the gains needed to continue on are generated as a result of being valued by clients and society.

As a member of the staff, an important question is how proceeds and profits are transitioned in. However, another extremely valuable question that one must continually ask themselves is in what way are they being valued by their company.

At Unimon, we seek a full picture of our employees, making use of a 360-degree evaluation system which incorporates evaluations from superiors, colleagues and subordinates. In order to preserve fairness in the evaluation process, evaluation standards are disclosed to the staff member being evaluated.

We put all our energy into ensuring our staff can focus their energies and achieve results as a company by giving as many specifics with regard to how they can be of value to the company, as well as what they can do to ensure their own income rises.

Individuals We Seek

  • Those that commit to achieving objectives.
  • Those who place contribution to their company as a number one priority.
  • Those that can change and grow.
  • Those that can plan and execute.
  • Those with a constant awareness of cost effectiveness.
  • Those that work on a team while maintaining balance.
  • Those that can provide kind instruction to other staff.
  • Those that can accurately carry out a wide range of consultation, communication and reporting.

Job Titles

At our company, we recruit individuals with management and technological skills that appeal to others regardless of race, nationality, age or gender. Even those with more confidence than experience are welcomed, so please get in touch with us.