Message from HR Manager

A famous military commander (Takeda Shingen) during the olden days of Japan is said to have once declared, "People are castles, people are stone walls, people are moats; compassion, our ally; resentment, our enemy."

These words imply that it is not the castles or tools used in battle that decide victory, but the strength of people.

This famous commander said that it is important to organize based on the strength of the people involved in order to maximize the use of their talents, while not blaming or begrudging the opponent - and he put this belief into practice, never building a large castle himself.

We too believe that it is the strength of people that predominantly ties us to the idea of "worth". As an internet company, human relations and social responsibility are important aspects of which if any were neglected, we would be left unable to continue our work.

As we endeavor each day to create an environment that is easy to work in, please contact us if you feel that these philosophies match your own.

HR Manager Yusuke Ishihara