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Now, Facebook is the most popular and No.1 of social media. As of July 2011, Facebook have more than 800 million active users. In Thailand, Facebook has growing rapidly. You can contact with friends, playing game and other activities but not overlook the powerful consumers in Facebook. Your business will grow in Facebook if you're right planning and marketing, We're proud to offer Facebook Marketing Service for your business.

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Facebook Advertising Services

*Reach the new customer for your business*

Facebook Advertising is the one of online advertising for your business to reach new target, improve and build loyalty with brand. Don't miss! Please contact us.

Facebook Ads How to

Facebook Ads allows you to reach the audience or customer you want with relevant targeted advertising by creating your ads for attracting facebook active users by spending money and monitor your ads.We're ready to manage and control your ads into highly successful.

Facebook Ads Benefits

You're can connect to 800 million active users and access to specific target from location, gender, ages, interests and other, will reach the customer likely to visit and purchase your products or services, in addition to Facebook Ads is the way to promote your products or services to popular and when you're compare with other media such as printing, radio and TV ads.
Facebook ads is saving and easy control their budget. We're offer Facebook ads is the choice with attracting and growing your business.

Facebook Ads Process

The principle of Facebook Ads is advertising by banner to active users with spec we setting. Facebook Ads will display on right side of user we setting pages.
In pricing and budget can set up and manage campaign by choose between Cost Per Click(CPC) and Cost Per Thousand Impressions(CPM). All process we will manage in method for your Ads. Please contact to us for more information.

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Facebook Fan Page Services

*building royalty and popular for your brand*

Facebook Fan Page is the way to promote your brand for who knowing and reach the new target in social media. Don't miss !! Please contact us.

Facebook Fan Page How to

Facebook Fan Page is profile of your business to invite the audience or customer to be "Fan" By making and design to attractive. Care and Manage all utility in Page. We're ready to manage and control your fan page into highly successful.

Facebook Fan Page Benefit

Facebook Fan Page is the way to promote your business on worldwide site. Making visitor to main website and community with your business, you can upload and post message, picture, video and other in profile. in addition to, building relationship and royalty with your customer. You know customer like, unlike and needs for improve your business. Don't overlook facebook users power, Get started business with Facebook Fan Page today.

Facebook Fan Page Process

The principle of Facebook Fan Page is page to promote your business for who knowing by making and design all page by facebook function. Create Fan Page, making and design various Tab of Facebook(welcome, about us, contact us). This is some method we served to you. Please contact to us for more information.