Web Solution

We create websites that deliver results using our SEO, marketing and system development technique.

What is the real value of a website? "An attractive design," or "a system that makes use of the latest technology" are of course correct answers, but we believe that what is even more important is having many people not only know about the website, but continue on to actually use it.

We take into account our client's wishes and provide solutions for each stage of the process - thorough interviewing, plan consultation, system planning, design, testing, release, and actual use/maintenance. We create high-quality websites that deliver to our clients exactly what they were looking for.

It is possible for use to create a wide range of websites, having achieved results with Japanese OEM as well as development and use of our own ASP system.

We can propose web promotions that deliver results.

Our company provides one-stop web promotion management, from planning to release and use, making use of our technological strength in SEO.

We propose appropriate policies and services, possessing SEO results from working with a client base of over 100 companies and the use of affiliate ASP in Japan.

Please do not hesitate to inquire about our services, as it is even possible for us to propose web promotion projects where we only collect remuneration based on the success and results of the work.

Internet Media

We offer interactive sites of value to internet users.

 At our company, we believe in our ability to create websites of value that will be used by a large number of people. We implement the creation of varied media (portal sites) to be used by this large user base.

We aim to provide optimal and natural matching between each and every user and client (advertising sponsor). The internet is different than other forms of mass communication, such as television, in that it is possible to measure each user's denomination in terms of cost vs. results, and the value of internet media would surely suffer should advertisements pop up and take over a user's entire screen.

We develop and advance media that raises the bar in terms of cost vs. performance for our clients, based on the provision of useful information to general users.